Maths Island 1

Maths Island 1

Maths Island 1 is an effective maths software program
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Macroworks Pty Ltd.

Developed for home or school use, Maths Island 1 is an effective maths software program that teaches students the essential skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - the foundation that students must have when mastering other areas of mathematics - using colourful graphics, interesting characters, subtle animation and fully narrated, interactive tutorials. It is also based on the Australian curriculum.

Students will find the program stimulating and entertaining because it allows for immediate interaction and the instant feedback of positive reinforcement. The program is designed to be challenging without being intimidating or threatening, leading to the acquisition of basic maths skills in a way that is easily accessible to students.

The key to success is to emphasise mastery of skills through accuracy first and then to promote speedy recognition of maths facts. At no time are students expected to perform at a level that is too difficult for them or at which they have not received instruction. Maths Island 1 follows the principle that students must be taught before they are challenged to demonstrate their ability with a particular skill or set of skills.

The program is simple to move around in, and contains skill levels that build successively upon each other. It is suitable for students who are just starting to learn maths as well as for those who have difficulty acquiring basic maths skills or who have gaps in their mathematical development.

Students start the program by completing a diagnostic test in the essential skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They are then directed by the program to the specific areas that require careful and systematic instruction.

The basic principle of the diagnostic test is to locate the area or areas where students experience difficulty and then start them where they are comfortably competent. This enables the student to develop the confidence to go on to learn the skills that follow after experiencing initial success.

Students who require instruction with a particular skill have access to a comprehensive learning module. This module comprises interactive learning segments and tutorials with full voiceover, making the learning of new skills easy to follow.

Students are encouraged to begin and end their practical activities with simple warm-up and cool-down challenges. This makes the learning process more interesting while focusing the student's thinking on the task at hand.

Performance is continually monitored by the program, and students are given positive guidance depending on their level of achievement. A student cannot progress from one level to the next without attaining the required level of achievement. Initially preset by the program, the level of achievement and number of questions asked can be changed in the administration module.

Printable certificates are awarded at key milestones, and a point scoring system is used to promote self-advancement. Students can also access a complete record of their results, which is also printable.

Finally, Maths Island 1 offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves in the practical application of the skills they have learned, by answering a set of extension or enrichment questions at the end of each level.

You will find this program to be a valuable learning and teaching tool for students at any level of competency, and one that more than meets your expectations at an affordable cost.

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